Two or More to Tango



Thank you for addressing the bi male and female dichotomy in the lifestyle (episode 21). Just listened to your bisexual episode, (working our way backwards). We are both bi, born that way. I have know since the 4th grade and my wife since the 6th grade, that we like both sexes. We are married 35 and got into the lifestyle for the bi sex. We list as both bi on SLS. We have experienced some rude, obnoxious emails, but over all we get responses from couples listed as both bi as well as cpls list as str8 male bi fem. We are proud to be bi and do not aknowledge the haters. Your comments about "bi playrooms" is correct. The Bliss Cruise November 13 list "bi male and couples M&G all welcome." then it list "bi male and couples playroom all invited). all of the other play rooms don't list those qualifers. They jsut list play rooms open. I take that as implying, we want bi males to only play where designated. NOPE!

2019 I played with a bi male in the open play room and at least 50 women and a bunch of men gathered to watch. We did hear some men, no women, say what the fuck is that and other statements. Didn't bither me, they don't have to look. When he and I finished, much to our surprise the women and some men applauded. The rest of the cruise I was approached by men and women saying how brave I was to that in the open play room. Some men said they may try it too, but were always afraid to do that in the open. Lucky me I was able to meet two bi virgin men who loved what they saw and wanted me. They were fun :-) .

Just thought I would share my expereirence. We are Funlyfriend on SLS if you would like to look at our profile.


Oct. 27, 2022 by Doug on This Website

Two or More to Tango